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Monday, Nov. 08, 2004 - 9:38 PM

Today was a really, really good day.

B went for a run. His first run since April 3.

The other day he told me he wanted to go get running shoes, that he thought he was ready to try running again. So yesterday we went and got him new shoes.

This morning Mark and I had to do 10 miles, and B headed out with us. When we got to the corner that marks one mile, we went our separate ways, Mark and I heading out for nine more miles, B heading back home.

He did about a three-mile loop. He said he felt OK.

I wouldn't care if he'd only run three blocks. It was just so wonderful to see him back out there.


So much to say, so much to say. And I'm getting farther and farther behind. I'm heading to Toronto early tomorrow morning. I'm going to try writing on the plane and posting when I get to my hotel. If not, I'll be back next Monday.

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